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Hey all, Welcome to this Friday's blog post. This week we have a interview with Etienneh99 and a sneak peak at some skins coming to the main game. So with out any further ado here is this weeks interview.

This week I have been finishing some of the skins for the demo and tweaked the spikes that were on most of the skins. ClockSkin


The procces for creating the skins is a bit like this: Step one gather reference images or concept art, step two create a high and lowpoly mesh for texture map baking, step three create materials for painting/texturing (step two and three are sometimes turned around), step four texture the lowpoly mesh, step 5 import the meshes and textures in the game engine, step six profit!  

Tho the process as explained above is not always that simple it should give you an idea of the procces.