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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 18:40

Full Release Countdown

Getting closer to the full release of Breaking Wheel!

So, this week I have been very busy creating some new friends for our protagonist in Breaking Wheel to play with. I have added a whole new cast of enemies, overhauled old ones, and added special abilities and mechanics to add to diversification. 

One of my favorite action-platforming games of all time is the original and timeless classic Yoshi's Island. To this day I fondly remember the many strengths this game had. One of the more standout things about it is the insane amount of diversity. In roughly 50 Levels, the game does not once become repetitive. Certain mechanics, and even enemy types, occur only once in the entire game, meaning the developers went through the work of putting these in just so they could be used once and once only. Now, THAT adds to the versatility of a game!

I wanted this kind of variation to be in our game Breaking Wheel. That is why I set out last week to overhaul our existing NPCs, and add a variety of new ones. I wanted them all to feel unique, with their own behaviors and/or special abilities. So, some of them will now carry and utilize a weapon or two, cause earthquakes, stalk you until they explode in your face, attack you with combos, or spray you with paralyzing poisons! Others may be friendly or at least semi-friendly towards the player. 

Looking at the picture above, you may be able to deduce which enemy type does what, but if you want to be sure, well, you will have to see for yourself when you get your hands on your own digital copy of Breaking Wheel. When doing so, make sure to check out our IndieGogo campaign at where you can get Bonus Content for the game at the exact same price!

Part of IMG's design philosophy is that we want our levels to be captivating and engaging for casual and more seasoned players alike... 

This week, I have been focused on the more hardcore side of things by designing a particular level that will be part of the game mode of the same name. Dread Fortress is a level that truly deserves its place in the hardcore category of Breaking Wheel. Not only will it demand precision jumps and skillful platforming from players, but the featured level design trope of periodic enemies will require players to do a little bit of timed jumping and problem solving as well.

Friday, 16 September 2016 23:09

New Level Mechanic - Stefan

So, this week I spent making a level introducing a nice new mechanic: "Boom-Boom Bay-sin" (get it?) is entirely based around explosions (go figure!). It has BOOM-Boxes, time bombs, bomb traps - you name it. It will require you to make use of explosive aids to get rid of pesky enemies and obstacles along the way. Hey, maybe you'll even discover a secret or two behind a destructible wall ;)!
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Cron Job Starts