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Great news everybody, after months of hard work Breaking Wheel has made it to early access! Retailing at 6.99$ or 4.99£ you can now find it on our Steam Early Access page, we look forward to seeing you guys there.

Find the game here!

"Is it that time already?" I don't hear you ask! Well the answer is yes, it is that time now. This week we go live with Breaking Wheel's early access, which means you will be receiving a lovingly crafted top quality sidescrolling, 3D, action platformer, puzzle game made by the most predominant names in Bethesda modding with 35 unique and exciting levels, 25 glorious and customizable skins and hundreds of hours of fun for the great price of only 6.99$

Now there will of course be a celebratory post going up letting you all know when the game goes live, but for today let us just take a quick roll down memory lane. On July the 12th one of the biggest modders Darren "DDProductions83" Deaton left the modding scene to start making his own game in Unreal. After some fiddling Darren posted this on the 19th of July:


Hello all,

just one month until Christmas now, so I hope you're all getting in to your Christmas spirit. We have a big blog post this week, including alpha play testers, an interview with the lovely Auja and the teams pick for the current steam sale. So first up is the interview!

"What great post do you have for me today?" I don't hear you ask. Well my task this week was to make a level my Boss had already designed. The level will play a major rolle in the game and is composed of two areas, a village and a castle. I was given a barebones template and had to use my skills to make something that looks good, well I hope it does! We will be focusing on making the exterior of a small village in this post.  


"What have you been doing this week?" I don't hear you ask. I guess you could say I have been wheely bussy. Well I have been playing Dark Souls 2 with our Community Manager  and Web dev Justin, since when was the flexile sentry outside the... oh you mean to do with Breaking Wheel, oh OK. Well here is the last level I made:


Welcome back to some more level design top tips and info! So as I promised last time we will be looking at our traps today,not all of them, but specifically those that are used in our demo level "Frozen Ruin". 

"First off, what is a trap?" I don't hear you ask. No it is not a kind of funky music that the coold kids listen to nowadays, rather it is an obsticle that can be encountered in any level of Breaking Wheel. It can come in many different shapes and forms but the one thing that they all have in common is that they will hurt you. On our normal levels if you are hit by a trap you will get two coffees and one coin taken away from you, sawblades take more so watch out, but on hardcore level one hit from any trap means you die and have to start the whole level from scratch.


So let us take a look at our first trap the grinders.


Saturday, 17 September 2016 22:47

Polishing for the Demo - Ryan #IMG #GameDesign

Insane Mind Games is a group of very unique individuals from all across the globe. Our work-team speaks over five different languages and operates in multiple countries. We have different time zones, different cultures, different lifestyles but we all have one thing in common – a passion for video games.

Well what is your specific passion?I don't hear you ask. Besides from whiskey I enjoy Level and Quest design. This project may not warrant any quests, but it surely needs some levels so that is where I come in. Besides from designing and creating my own levels, I also ensure that a certain quality and aesthetic pleasantry comes with each and every level in Breaking Wheel. This week I was preparing for the Demo, which meant finishing of some of my levels and polishing others. In this blog I will talk about the polishing part! Here is the level before we get started:


Cron Job Starts