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So the last two weeks I have been busy making skins, But I have also been busy with something very cool wich I will take about soon ish. 

In the last two weeks not too many skins have been made but a couple have been made and some cool ideas for skins have been added to the list that (hopefully) I will be able to make before the release of BreakingWheel. 

So here are some of the skins.

Stefan came with the idea for a cheese wheel as as skins and well who doesn't like cheese so why not. 

So this week I have been busy making skins (As I do most of the time :P).And this wek saw also the introduction as what I like to call skins in a day where we will spam your facebook and twitter feed with images of the skin creation procces.

A render of the new and friednly looking skin simply called Brutal! 

Texturing the brutal skin was a lot of fun as it allowed me to play with some of the particle paint tools in Substance painter and it allowed me to get a verry sutble effect on the edges of the blades of the skin.

This week I have been finishing some of the skins for the demo and tweaked the spikes that were on most of the skins. ClockSkin


The procces for creating the skins is a bit like this: Step one gather reference images or concept art, step two create a high and lowpoly mesh for texture map baking, step three create materials for painting/texturing (step two and three are sometimes turned around), step four texture the lowpoly mesh, step 5 import the meshes and textures in the game engine, step six profit!  

Tho the process as explained above is not always that simple it should give you an idea of the procces.